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Stevens Intermediate School
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All About Our School

Stevens Intermediate School is located in Wilmington, Illinois, known as the Island City. Famous for its beauty and charm, our city is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Kankakee River Valley about 50 miles south of Chicago. We are proud to serve grades two through five in Wilmington School District 209-U, where our mission is to unite school and community for excellence in education.

SIS is committed to creating a positive environment for the educational needs of the whole child through a clearly defined program. We utilize a variety of materials and approaches to empower each child to realize his or her fullest potential.

Our Mission

The mission of LJ Stevens Intermediate School is to inspire life-long learners, have our students grow socially, emotionally, and academically in a safe and respectful environment, to prepare our students for college and career so that they may be productive citizens in an ever-changing society.

Our Philosophy

We operate under the philosophy that a child with a strong sense self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for other people will usually progress well in school. We believe that parents play the most important role in helping children develop these qualities.

The school is also concerned with the development of attitudes, habits, and behavior and must provide a proper climate for learning; therefore, we strive to work cooperatively with parents in their child’s development. In our relationship with one another, parents, educators, and students have a shared responsibility for maintaining the kind of positive behavior that will result in success both in and out of the classroom. At SIS, we expect:

    • Parents to ensure their child’s daily attendance and to communicate regularly with the school concerning their child’s conduct and progress. Parents should also provide their child with the resources needed to complete classwork, along with keeping the lines of communication open when it comes to assignments and report cards.
    • Students to attend all classes daily and be on time with the appropriate working materials on hand. We expect our students to be respectful of themselves and others, conducting themselves in a safe and reasonable manner. We also encourage all students to take responsibility for their own work.
    • Educators to maintain an atmosphere conducive to good behavior. Our teachers will develop a good working relationship with the children and plan a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of all students. We expect our teachers to communicate regularly with parents and to encourage them to be involved with their child’s day-to-day academic life.