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Extra, extra, read all about it! Every day our students accomplish great things, and we want to help keep you involved. We encourage you to visit our News page often to stay informed of all the latest events and stories.

Email Transition

Wilmington CUSD 209u has begun a transition to gmail as our email service. Beginning January 6, we will no longer use the email.

The new email is Email is the first initial, last Please see some examples below:

  • - Venita Dennis
  • - Stacy Roth
  • - Becky Quigley
  • - Katie Long

Please begin to make this change in your address book. As always, if you have questions please call (815) 926.1689.

Cold Weather

As we have now arrived into the colder months of the year, we want to remind our students and their families of the importance of preparing with the proper clothing to go outdoors during recess. We expect all students to go outside for recess as long as the temperature, including wind chill, is 15 degrees or above. We also expect students to wear coats, stocking caps or hats, and gloves so they are still comfortable in the colder temperatures. If students do not dress properly, we will give them a coat to borrow. We will allow students to play in the snow if they bring snow pants and boots.